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Helping people reach their goals

By getting people the loans they need, I can help them reach some financial security. My loans help people by new cars, extend their house and consolidate expensive debts. Once they get their money issues under control they start to do better in all aspects of their life, they have better relationships and start doing better at work. It's great to be the catalyst for positive change in my clients life. If you are also in the financing industry or a client wanting to understand how financing works, please read on. This site is an exploration of how we decide who to lend to and how much we can lend them.

Helping people reach their goals

Considerations of Paying Back Fast Cash Loans

Monica Ryan

There are many reasons you may choose a fast cash loan. You wanted to avoid a payday loan, but you needed the funds. You had an emergency issue at your home, such as a water heater breaking down or appliance issue. You had an issue at work and were unable to meet expenses for payroll or other issues. Regardless of the reason, you will need to pay back the fast cash loan you took out. Here are some ways of paying that loan back in a timely manner or before the actual final due date.

Percentage of Income

One way that you may want to choose to pay back your fast cash loan is to take out a percentage of your income. Some people choose to pay the amount set by the loan company as well as a small percentage of their income. This may not seem like a lot at first, but consider that the amount is being added to the amount you are already paying. In some cases, this may make up a total of one full payment in a short time. 

Bonus Income

There are times when you may receive bonus income. This can be from working extra hours or from an extra benefit if you are in sales where bonuses are given for meeting sales quotas. You can use this bonus income to pay towards the loan. If you pay towards the loan this way, you will need to make sure that  that you understand the rules regarding this. Some loan companies will require that any additional payments must be made in specific amounts or full payment amounts. 

Double Payments

You may find that the influx of the fast cash loan may have helped you considerably. It may have also helped you stay on track with your other budgeting needs. If this is the case, you may also find that you can make double payments. This means that if you have a six-month loan repayment deadline, you can pay it off in three months with double payments. This may leave a small amount of interest payment or end payment fee of some kind. Your loan company will let you know of any additional fees should you start making double payments on a consistent basis. 

These are just a few considerations of paying back fast cash loans. Make sure to check with your loan provider to ensure there are no financial penalties to paying off the loan early. Also, consider if there are early payoff discounts available from your loan provider to help you pay off the loan quickly with less expense.