Best car loan options for new drivers

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Now you’ve passed your P plates, it’s time to hit the road. If you need a car to get to work or just to friends’ houses, borrowing a car from your family members can be inconvenient and subject to the whims of the person you are borrowing from. Young drivers can find getting car loans tricky especially if they have variable income from a casual work. Here are some tips on how to get a car loan, so you have access to your own vehicle. Collect Your Average Pay Slips from the Last 6 Months If your payslips vary over time then...

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How to Consolidate and Pay Off Multiple Debts with a Home Loan

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Are collection agencies or creditors calling you every now and then because of an outstanding debt? If so, consider using home loans to pay of a few debts at once. If you’re interested, there are two types of home loans that you may use to consolidate your debts. Learn about them below. What is debt consolidation? This is a process that enables a borrower to repay multiple debts, using a single monthly payment. To achieve this, you have to take a single loan and use it to pay off all your outstanding debts at once. By so doing, the...

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